Call for Artists

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Calls for Artists - DEADLINE :  
Call for Artists



Here’s your chance to exhibit at one of the best art fairs in America…


Join over 300 juried fine artists and crafters as they fill the streets of historic Downtown Muskegon. In addition to fine art and handcrafted goods, the Lakeshore Art Festival features a Children’s Lane, Artisan Food Market, live entertainment, and much more.



All work must be of original design and processed by the artists (“handcrafted”). Artists may not exhibit or sell subcontracted work. Absolutely NO buy/sell. Images submitted must be the only products brought to the show. Any items brought to show not listed in application will asked to be removed.  Very limited reproductions are acceptable and only in certain mediums. Using rule of booth space 90% original and 10% reproductions. All work must be safe and non-toxic and fit for its intended use. If any work requires special or limited use, the artist must fully disclose and explain this to the public.

The work exhibited by the artist must match the quality and balance of the images submitted to Lakeshore Art Festival for consideration. The jury reserves the right to reject items during the show, which are in poor taste, or not the quality or media category submitted for review. Exhibitors not in compliance with the rules and regulations will be asked to leave the show immediately without a refund.

Such items as imports, plants, velvet paintings, manufactured or kit items and any commercially or factory produced merchandise from artist shops of any kind are not eligible for entry. Any commercially produced parts used in a work must play a subordinate role and may not be sold separately. Any art brought to the show and not submitted within application will be subject for on-site rejection.

Exhibitors may not display more than a few items that are essentially alike (less than 15% of booth space). Artist should avoid a mass produced appearance to their displays.  Artists partnership must both have a part in creating the work, with one member having registered for the space. The artists must exhibit his/her OWN work.

No weapons may be exhibited or sold.

Exhibitors who violate the exhibition rules will not be allowed to participate the next year or be eligible for prizes. The Lakeshore Art Festival staff makes all decisions regarding rules compliance.


Please visit for full application details.