Nov 06 - 07 2015
7th Annual Kalamazoo Improv Festival

7th Annual Kalamazoo Improv Festival

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The Kalamazoo Improv Festival returns, and this year, it’s going to be Epic… quite literally!  Thanks to the Greater Kalamazoo Arts Council, The Epic Center, will play host to the 7th Annual Improv Fest November 6 & 7 in its recently renovated Epic Theater. Due to the popularity of last year’s fest, we had to move it to a larger space. Festival goers will still be able to buy alcoholic beverages in the lobby, thanks to Millennium Restaurants’ Central City Tap House. Have a drink while you enjoy top-notch improv from some of the most talented groups in the Midwest.   

Teams from Chicago, Grand Rapids, Lansing, and Kalamazoo will leave you in stitches by performing scenes made up completely on the spot using suggestions from the audience. Also, be sure to get there early to hear live music before shows from the band Fishlips. If you’ve seen them at previous Improv Fests, you know just how funny they are. 

The festival activities start at 6pm, Friday, November 6 with a free Art Hop show, followed by shows at 8pm, 10pm, and then a midnight improv jam. The fun continues Saturday, November 7 with improv workshops at 1pm and 4pm, where you can learn valuable improv skills from some of the finest teachers in the business. Saturday night will feature shows at 8pm and 10pm.



Friday, Nov 6, 6pm (FREE Art Hop Shortform Show)

Roial Improv Players – From MSU. They improv like Spartans

Worklight – WMU’s gang of state funded improv performers

Crawlspace Eviction – aged and weathered with the funny to show for it


Friday, Nov 6, 8:00 PM

Your F!@$ed Up Relationship – comedy built around your romantic failures

Pop Scholars – young, smart, and sexy longform

SHEBEAST – all women, all beast


Friday, Nov 6, 10:00 PM

AlterBoyz – Strong like dragons and weird like babies

Devil’s Daughter – so funny, you’d swear it was evil

Aphasia – 3 Chicago improv veterans that will change your world


Friday, Nov 6, Midnight (FREE)

Free midnight jam. Any performer or audience member is free to jump on stage and improvise. This is your chance to play with some of the most talented people in the business.


Saturday, Nov 7, 8pm

With The Dark – improv that sounds as good as it sounds

Crawlspace Eviction – Kalamazoo’s team

Lethal Action Force – an improvised action “movie”, exploding with laughs


Saturday, Nov 7, 10pm

Man Love – best friends sharing a strange and hilarious history

Battle Masters – a ground shaking duo that takes no prisoners

Law Dog – funny, and house broken


Tickets are $10 general admission for each show unless otherwise noted, or get a $25 fest pass and see as many shows as you want.



Saturday, Nov 7, 1pm

Eric Schinzer & Timmy Reahard of Battle Masters  – Always Ready – Improv requires being ready, all the time. Even when you’re not in the scene, you must be present. This workshop will help you stay focussed, all show long.


Saturday, Nov 7, 1pm

Scott Piebenga & Micah Sterenberg of Your F!@$ed Up Relationship  – That Was Inspiring! – Many improv forms use monologues and conversations to inspire and generate scenes. This workshop will focus on pulling ideas from monologues and interviews to create fun, playful scenes.  


Saturday, Nov 7, 4pm

John Patrick Coan, Zack Mast, Alex Nichols, and Luke Null of Law Dog  – Follow the Fun – This is a scene work workshop that focuses on giving your scene partner gifts and shifting your scene partner’s expectations as to where the scene is going. Participants will embrace their anxiety and uncertainty and channel that chaos to create grounded realities.


Saturday, Nov 7, 4pm

Brian Lam & Dann Sytsma of Crawlspace Eviction & Improv Effects  – Improv At Work – Curious about what an Improv Effects workshop look like? Whether you’re looking to “try before you buy” for your organization, or just want to strengthen your communication skills, check out our open-to-the-public workshop.


Admission is $15 per workshop.


All shows and workshops will be at the Epic Center, 359 S. Kalamazoo Mall, Kalamazoo, MI 49007. Alcoholic beverage will be available in the Epic Center main floor lobby throughout both nights of comedy. To get more information or to purchase tickets, go to For workshop sign-up, contact us at


Admission Info

Nov 6, 6pm show is free. Nov 6 & 7, 8pm & 10pm shows are $10. Festival pass for all shows is $25.



Dates & Times

2015/11/06 - 2015/11/07

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The 6pm Show and the midnight jam on November 6 are FREE!

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