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July 10, 2020

Yolonda Lavender, CEO and President of Soul Artistry LLC, joined the Arts Council of Greater Kalamazoo to share the vision and purpose behind Soul Artistry. Soul Artistry specializes in curating and artistry development as well as nonprofit and self-care consulting. With more than a decade of experience in curating and artistic development, Yolonda has crafted Soul Artistry as a leading force within the sub-sectors of arts, culture, and community engagement.




Soul Artistry – Interview 1 of 5   Soul Artistry – Interview 2 of 5
Soul Artistry – Interview 3 of 5   Soul Artistry – Interview 4 of 5
Soul Artistry – Interview 5 of 5    


Below are works of art and artists curated by Soul Artistry that were featured in the July 2020 Art Hop Spotlight Series. Click the photo for a better look!

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