Kazoo Books - Parkview

Kazoo Books - Parkview

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 2413 Parkview, Kalamazoo, MI 49008

We are an independent, locally-owned bookstore offering a wide selection of quality used books, select new titles, and book ordering services. We have been serving the greater Kalamazoo area since 1988. In 2003 we opened a second location on Parkview in the Oakwood neighborhood. We now surround Western Michigan University.

Our inventory is a mix of new and used titles. Our image of having used books, in the best condition, at the best price is very important to us. We make an effort to carry signed, rare and first editions. Signed books make great gifts and we love supporting our local published authors and visiting authors. We also have an internet business that ships worldwide, yet only 15% of our books are online.

We order new books from our distributors as well as directly from publishers. We discount new books whenever we can, as a way of saying, "Thanks for choosing Kazoo Books." Check with us about our quick turnaround time for orders.

Our inventory changes on a daily basis and we turn a lot of books in a year. Inventory in January showed about 50,000 books at K1 (which is Clarendon) and 35,000 at K2 (which is Parkview). Both stores have store cats to greet you and lots of nooks and crannies where you can find book gems…perfect for the person who enjoys treasures. K1 has vintage Romances, Mysteries and Science Fiction in the upper level. K2 has a "Wild and Wooly" section of books we have acquired, but haven’t yet had a chance to price and put into inventory.

K2 also has a cat-free zone amid our vintage and regional section. Jim and Gloria are both trained to identify first editions and rare copies and we have some lovely stock at both stores. They are usually available to help you find a new treasure or price an old one.

Some of our books come from estates and new stock from distributors, but most come from you, our customers, in the form of “trade-ins.” Our employees all pitch in to sort, price and clean everything before it goes on the shelf. A big part of the day is spent insuring the books are in good condition before putting them on the shelf. What we accept as a “trade-in” changes in relation to the store’s needs and available space. They must be clean, unmarked and something we really need.

We are a member of Buy Local Greater Kalamazoo and our trade organizations, Great Lakes Independent Booksellers as well as American Booksellers of America.

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Kazoo Books - Parkview

2413 Parkview

Kalamazoo, MI 49008