Judy K. Jolliffe Theatre (formerly Epic Theatre)

Judy K. Jolliffe Theatre (formerly Epic Theatre)

Website: http://www.kalamazooarts.org/venue/judy-k-jolliffe-theatre-formerly-epic-theatre/://


 359 S. Kalamazoo Mall, Suite 205, Kalamazoo, MI 49007

Due to COVID-19 we are not currently accepting any reservations for use of the Jolliffe Theatre. For inquiries please email Bianca Washington Ciungan or call 269.342.5059. Thank you for your understanding. The Judy K. Jolliffe Theatre (formerly Epic Theatre) is a black box theatre space with the ability to handle your event needs whether they are big or small. With a max capacity of 150 people, we can accommodate events ranging from theatre performances, musical performances, corporate meetings, weddings and/or receptions and more. The Judy K. Jolliffe Theatre is equipped with its own lighting and sound system which makes having an event here worthwhile and efficient.

To inquire about rental of the Judy K. Jolliffe Theatre , contact us at info@kalamazooarts.org or by phone at 269-342-5059.

Tech Specs

Judy K. Jolliffe Theatre: 3,653 sq. ft. of space with stage and house lighting that light up the house for any event from a wedding reception to a dramatic play. With its own sound system also, the theatre comes equipped to handle most any needs as is.

Green Room: A 230 sq. ft. space that features seating, a working sink, and a refrigerator for use.

Dressing Rooms: We have a Men’s and Women’s dressing room each with ten lockers, vanity mirrors, clothes hanging space, and a shower. The Women’s Dressing Room is 380 sq. ft. and the Men’s Dressing Room is 320 sq. ft.

Thorne Atrium: Features a nice open space of 1,096 sq. ft. to welcome your group into the theatre area with. There is a 32” flat screen monitor in the atrium area that has the capability to hook into to show a presentation or slideshow during or after you event.

Concession Stand: The concession stand area comes with a functional sink area and refrigerator as well. A perfect serving area for arriving guests if you choose to have any refreshments.

Location Info

Judy K. Jolliffe Theatre (formerly Epic Theatre)

359 S. Kalamazoo Mall

Kalamazoo, MI 49007