Blue Dart Art

Blue Dart Art

Association/Club/Group - Educational - Kids/Family - Literature/Poetry - Nonprofit - Visual Arts


 108 West Telegraph St, Dowagiac, MI

Mission Statement

   Blue Dart Art is a collaboration of artists coming together with the focus on cultural edification, visual beautification, and art appreciation. This group offers an array of services that allow visual art to revitalize public spaces, and encourages communities to celebrate their unique heritage.

    Blue Dart Art assists localities in identifying sites that are appropriate for murals and exhibitions, and in developing designs that will enhance those spaces. By structuring some of their projects as community events that involve  youth and adults, they build upon awareness of the arts. By having other projects attended to by skilled craftspeople, they demonstrate some of the local talent, and bring Fine Art to the area. They also hold art classes for all ages.

   The group’s goal is to uplift the surrounding community, moving forward and upward, as they shoot for the sky.