Jazz and Creative Institute

Jazz and Creative Institute


Website: https://www.jazzandcreative.com


 310 North Rose Street, Kalamazoo, MI 49007

Here you will find a vibrant community of people learning to play music together, of many ages and abilities, for the sake of being more fully alive.


  • A unique, comprehensive learning environment made up of performing artists and students from ages 6 through 86.

  • A place to get individual instruction and mentorship from a genre cross-trained improvising teaching artist.

  • Weekly group playing opportunities for all students, in both small and large bands.

  • A friendly, jam session/masterclass monthly where you can play alongside our professional musician faculty artists.

  • A place to get to the next level and showcase your progress two times a year at student concerts or take other public performance opportunities.

  • A rehearsal or practice space for bands and musicians of all genres and abilities, local or traveling through.

  • A community of supportive, engaged, musical people for whom music has made all the difference!