The Red Sea Pedestrians

The Red Sea Pedestrians




 302 Edgemoor Ave, Kalamazoo, MI

The Red Sea Pedestrians are a full-blown, instrument-swapping fusion between tradition and the here-and-now. We’re talkin’ high-energy world-beat grooves, hypnotic laments from the earth, songs of celebration and wonder; a warped and beautiful blend of American Roots, Rock, Klezmer, Gypsy, Classical and Jazz, all filtered through the band’s original vision. RSP are a melting pot of six distinct singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalists, almost a self-contained variety show. Their sound is first defined by the sweet interplay between clarinet and violin, further colored by a kaleidoscope of guitar, banjo, keyboard and mandolin, and driven by a rhythm section deep in the pocket. Multi-layered lyrics, rich harmonies, and masterful playing complete the experience. This is a band that can pull you in with a tender folk ballad, get you up and dancing to a ragtime jam, break into a frantic instrumental barn-burner, and then blow your mind with a heavy psychedelic rock freakout. Their captivating live shows and ambitious CDs have been getting rave reviews and building a dedicated fan base throughout Michigan’s independent music community for over a decade, including back-to-back WYCE Jammie Awards for Best Roots Album for “Adrift” (2010) and “The Electromagnetic Escape” (2011). The bands’ 6th CD will be released in summer of 2016. The Red Sea Pedestrians are proud members of the Earthwork Music Collective, a group of artists who believe in the intrinsic and historical power of music to raise both community and self-awareness and serve to facilitate and encourage original music in the state of Michigan and beyond.

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