Park Trades Center

Park Trades Center

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 326 W Kalamazoo Ave, Kalamazoo, MI 49007

The Park Trades Center has stood for more than 100 years. Originally a manufacturing facility, today it houses a large creative community of over 100 artists, artisans, designers, entrepreneurs, and small business people who are responsible for some of the most inventive creative work being made between Detroit and Chicago.

A selection of our artists open their studio doors every first Friday of the month during Kalamazoo’s Art Hop, 5-9pm. Every May and November we host a Biannual Open Studio Tour, when over 50 of our artists open their studio doors to the public. This is the best time to visit the Park Trades Center. Visit our Event Calendar on our website for our next open studio date.

The Park Trades Center has been leasing space to artists, artisans, and entrepreneurs for over 30 years. With 140,000 square feet and 95 studios, this 105 year old building accommodates artists and artisans creating works in a variety of media including glass, printmaking, papermaking, metalsmithing, welding, drawing, ceramics, sculpture, woodworking, woodcarving, photography, painting, textiles, serigraphy, installation art, video, and beadworking. Among these artists, are tenants working in a variety of fields and types of businesses.

Studios are available to lease throughout the year, and are open to anyone with a creative spirit. For more information or to arrange an appointment to see available spaces, call 269-383-5775 or email

Visit our website to see artist profiles on all of our residents. You can contact our residents and arrange an appointment to see their studios-