Kalamazoo Film Society

Kalamazoo Film Society


Website: http://www.kalfilmsociety.net


 PO Box 51655, Kalamazoo, MI 49055

The Kalamazoo Film Society is a volunteer, registered non-profit organization which was formed in 1988 to enhance the Greater Kalamazoo area’s film viewing opportunities. Our mission is to provide the community with first-run, world class cinema which includes both independent and foreign films that would otherwise not be offered locally. We provide a diverse selection of films, ranging from the most recent winners at Cannes, Sundance and other film festivals to the best that the American Independent film movement has to offer. From a humble, almost underground, beginning, we continue to grow into the most cutting-edge, alternative film experience in town.

Our films are open to the public and shown one weekend a month in a tastefully refurbished theater on the campus of Western Michigan University. It features brand-new 35 mm projection, a new screen and sound system, 194 comfortable seats, air conditioning, free parking and admission prices designed solely to cover expenses.

We encourage you to attend our films and help keep quality cinema alive and well in Kalamazoo. If you are interested in becoming a KFS member, please click here.