Black Arts & Cultural Center

Black Arts & Cultural Center

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 359 S. Kalamazoo Mall, Suite 202, Kalamazoo, MI 49007

In 1986, Kalamazoo’s first Black Arts Festival was held. The three organizers of the Festival wanted to do something to maintain continuity for the next year’s Black Arts Festival and to keep African American art and culture in the forefront year round. They decided to create an organization to carry out those desires. They met regularly during the fall of 1986 and in December 1986, they founded the Black Arts & Cultural Committee. They obtained volunteers from the community for the Board and management of the organization. Also, in 1986, the organization secured a physical space for its activities. The location at 241 N. Kalamazoo Mall was an old boxing training space. The organization flourished with art, art exhibits, in cultural events, classes, theatrical plays, movies, dance, poetry, resource materials and meeting space. In April 1990, the organization replaced the word “Committee” in its name with “Center”. Hence, organization became the Black Arts & Cultural Center (BACC). Since 2001, BACC has been located in the Epic Center. BACC continues to carry out its mission by exhibiting artwork of local artists, providing art classes for youth and adults, providing forum for poets to enhance their skills, producing plays, providing art resources to the community, providing meeting space and interacting with diverse people in the community. Recently, it has also placed a greater emphasis on youth programming.