Authenticity Kalamazoo Concert Series - Call for M...

Authenticity Kalamazoo Concert Series - Call for M...

Posted by Jazz and Creative Institute

Posted: Jan, 15, 2020

Auditions - Calls for Artists



 310 North Rose Street, Kalamazoo, MI, 49007

Kalamazoo-area musicians! Artist collaborator applications are now open for Authenticity Kalamazoo 2020. Head over to Application period closes March 14. Let’s do something extraordinary.
A total of 12 local groups will be selected to be part of Authenticity Kalamazoo and perform “double-bills” (two groups per show) in a “listening room” both at a concert in the Spring of 2020 and at a concert in the Fall of 2020. We’re seeking minimum of one artist/group in the following genres with a strong preference for original music: reggae, hip hop or R & B, classical or opera, jazz or blues, country, indigenous or culturally-specific ethnic music, electronic, pop/rock or funk, singer-songwriter, folk or bluegrass, musical theatre and new age or experimental. Even with a strong preference for original music, we will take into account the fact that some genres lend themselves to new, original music more than others. Please do apply if your genre relies heavily on previously composed music. Applicants should have strong, professional material for a minimum 35-minute set and the ability to learn a new piece of music with another band or ensemble.

The application fee is $15. If selected, you’ll be chosen for two gigs paid at a minimum rate of $100/person up to $400. View the full details at our website.