Manifest Gallery: BOOK CLUB

Manifest Gallery: BOOK CLUB


 2727 Woodburn Ave, Cincinnati, MI, 45223

BOOK CLUB: A Call for Art About Books, Narrative and Works Inspired by Literature

Submission Deadline: September 4, 2022

A story is an account. Stories carry human history. They predict our future.

A story is the thing we use to relate an event, real or not, that happened and who it happened to and how they changed, or didn’t change, or caused change.

Story telling is the way that we can relate an account of an event, of something that we’ve experienced. Or possibly the experience of someone that we’ve made up, a sequence of events that didn’t happen, or didn’t happen in that way, or maybe that are complete fabrications—a ‘story’.

It is the thing that happens after the event, the way we share with others in the aftermath. But sometimes it comes before.

What does the visual account look like? Like a movie? A sequence of images? A single picture carrying the weight of a thousand words? What visual cues give us the beginning, middle, and end? Do we express a story with illustrative methods? Do we distill it into a separate visual work, symbolizing rather than relating it?

BOOK CLUB is a call for art about or inspired by stories, story-telling, legends, myths, texts, tomes, and the narratives we construct.


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