Pamela Kirkham

Pamela Kirkham



   9762 Church Street, Bridgman, MI, 49106

Artist’s Statement

Pamela Kirkham is an energetic, expressive painter who works primarily in acrylics. Her work incorporates both the abstract and realistic. Each piece is rich with textures and layer after layer of thin and thick paint. Kirkham found that acrylic paint, with its transparent to opaque consistencies, is the ideal medium for expressing the multi-layered, healing nature of the human mind and its ability to morph from the abstraction of dreams to reality.

Many life experiences with native cultures living in New Mexico, Texas, and Oklahoma have led to the development of her signature artistic theme: healing of the body through the mind. Kirkham combines layers of abstraction and realism, compositionally weaving the viewer’s eye back and forth across diagonal grid patterns, and cleverly leads the viewer upward toward the light. Healing of the mind takes place when viewed through a state of reflection or meditation, helping individuals escape from their life struggles and heal from within.

Light is an important element in the artist’s work as it symbolizes a place of inner peace. Basic structure of each piece implies the magnetic fields of Gaia. Upon further familiarity with Kirkham’s unique biography and the sources of inspiration behind her oeuvre, an artist is uncovered who has skillfully marshaled passion, a deep understanding of nature and it’s connection with the human mind, and solid technique to create a genuinely original body of work.