Mr. Neale Cutler

Mr. Neale Cutler


   Studio & Office, 9656 West Fg Ave, Alamo Twp, Kalamazoo, Michigan, 49009

I am a war veteran, a retired Criminologist and Counseling Psychologist, and a former film Photographer. In 2005 I returned to photography with the intent to work in a more artistic manner, utilizing emerging digital technology. Eventually, I settled into a variety of realist and “digital painting” procedures, which augment and lend a unique treatment to my images. For a more artistic presentation, my medium of choice is Giclée prints.

My work has become known for its visual depth, and use of color, and geometry of composition. Primarily a nature and still-life photographer, I feel my role is to “speak for” my photographic subjects, presenting them from viewpoints which are both natural and characteristic. I see my role as someone who visually observes and then shows various aspects of the world to others.

My subjects are of places and things that have personal and/or universal meaning. I often take the subject as I find it, while attending to natural lighting and weather conditions, and while seeking inspiring subjects, conditions, and meaning. I am most concerned with conveying natural beauty, artistic impressions, serenity, detail, visual depth, and optimal points of view.

My relationship with viewers of my work is colored by my desire to “show” that which is beautiful and natural, and/or that which is often unseen by more casual eyes. In this fashion, I strive to bring beauty, and interest, and meaning to others. Also, I strive to make an artistic contribution, which has the potential for enriching lives through art.