Lena Drenth

Lena Drenth


I enjoy creating an illusion for others, it is up to the individual how they interpret that illusion.The creative process often results in a wonderful surprise as it seems to spontaneously arise from some place that was previously hidden. I realize at the end of the work that the intent was there all along. Occasionally I intend to create a political or cultural statement with a piece, but only in the hopes that forthright debate is provoked. Local celebrated and revered artists have given me formal art instruction and I've still so much to learn. I am forever grateful to teachers because since that creative essence has been stirred within me, I see no end to the possibilities in life- or in art.

Past Exhibits:

LoDo & Company- Portage, MI; November/December 2014

Robin's Nest Art Gallery- Kalamazoo,MI; December 2014

Upcoming Exhibitions:

February 6, 2015-  ArtHop at Fire Historical and Cultural Arts Collabrative

March 6, 2015- ArtHop at OptiMed Pharmacy