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Lisa Ruble

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My name is Lisa and I blog under the name Ellie Q (Ellie = L.E. = Lisa Erin and “Q” for Quilter) here at Color My World. In my dreams of being a writer, I’d always wanted a pen name, so I figured why not try it out here?!

I was bitten by the color bug early on in life, and have dabbled in drawing, painting, photography, and fabric. I learned to sew as a young girl, making clothes for my Cabbage Patch Kid, and then got into quilting about 14 years ago. In addition to freelancing as a “day” job (which often reaches into the wee hours of the morning!), I spend my time hanging with my husband and three little boys, (who add a whole different type of color to my world–they’re 6 and 3.5, and 6 months!), scheming to paint every room in my house, and finding time to spend in my sewing studio, playing with fabric.