Carolyn Pampalone Rabbers

Carolyn Pampalone Rabbers



My current research explores somatic healing practices and racial identity politics. Building empathy and relationships are my main goals within each project. My work as CPR Dance: Inhale Movement, proposes movement as fundamental to existence as breath in process and in affect I focus on Breathing life, cultivating life, dancing within artistic collaboration, relationships, memories, and moving experiences.

I have cultivated my interests in performing and creating dance movement-based work by lensing my desires. Through alethic vision, utilizing
improvisational scores, theatrical elements, and technology in explorations.  I pursue a spiritual sense of connection anchored in quantum physics, while
exploring emergent strategy through permaculture-based explorations in pedagogy and research creation approaches.

I am open to multiple structures in format, and currently my work explores creating through film. I like to challenge myself with building value in my art for what we value as part of our societal time rooting it in a deeper context of accessibility. By intentionally choosing open formats, I enjoy exploring how technology can be utilized in experiencing art and bending the edges of when the art experience starts/stops.I am inspired by the overlapping
inter-generational pedagogical approaches between Hawkins technique, Countertechnique, and Ballet.