Request for Design Proposals for a Stained-Glass Window

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Request for Design Proposals for a Stained-Glass Window


The Ladies’ Library Association in Kalamazoo, Michigan, requests proposals from artists living in the United States for an original stained-glass window design that commemorates the one hundredth anniversary of women’s gaining the right to vote in the United States. Also, we request applications from individuals who have extensive experience making stained-glass windows. We will choose one or more artists to design and make the window for this project. Individuals may apply to design or to make the window or to accomplish both activities. The deadline for all design proposals and applications is December 15, 2018.

The two-story Ladies’ Library was built from 1878 to 1879, and a 2013 addition made the building completely accessible. The new stained-glass window will adorn the second floor of the 2013 addition. Applicants who wish to see photos of the Ladies’ Library can search our website at
We want the new window to portray the national movement to give women the right to vote with a focus on Michigan women actively involved in the suffrage campaign, especially those who were members of the Ladies’ Library Association, such as Lucinda Hinsdale Stone, Carolyn Bartlett Crane, Florence Mills, and Mrs. Orton Clark. The design does not need to mention these women by name. This window should include white, gold, and purple, the colors of the women’s suffrage movement. We encourage submissions of different styles and creative designs.

We welcome all individuals age eighteen or older who live in the United States to apply to design and/or make the suffrage window.

The stained-glass artist who will make the window must have a compelling body of related work.

The Ladies’ Library Association is not obligated to pay any costs incurred by designers or artists in preparing the initial submission, and all costs incurred in developing the initial application are the designers’ or artists’ responsibility.

We will pay $2,500 for the design chosen and will also pay for the glass and other materials. We will also compensate the artist who creates the stained-glass window.

While an individual may apply to both design and make the stained-glass window, the Ladies’ Library Association has discretion to choose who will accomplish each task and to determine the final production budget.

We will also give $50 to the finalist designs that do not win this competition as a thank you for participating in this historic celebration.

Requirements for All Window Designs and Applications to Make the Window

1) All designs must be the artist/designer’s original work. No portions of the design may be copied from other works of art.

2) Each artist/designer may submit up to two designs with each design in a separate packet.

3) Dimensions of the window area are 4 horizontal feet by 6 vertical feet or 24 square feet.

4) Each design must have two scale drawings that are 8 inches by 12 inches or 6 inches by 9 inches. One drawing must be in pencil or black pen and ink with no color. The second drawing must be rendered in color.

5) All applications to design and/or make the stained-glass window must be received by the Ladies’ Library Association by December 15, 2018.

6) Please fill out the form below and indicate whether you are applying to be the designer or the maker of the stained-glass window or both.

7) The stained-glass artist must complete this project with the oversight and approval of the Ladies’ Library Association by May 2020.

8) Please e-mail all applications and designs to or snail-mail packets to the following address:
Stained-Glass Window Committee
Ladies’ Library Association
333 South Park Street
Kalamazoo, Michigan 49007