Make Linocuts Anywhere Virtual Printmaking Course

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Make Linocuts Anywhere Virtual Printmaking Course



Making relief prints is a rewarding addition to your studio practice. Choosing the right materials out of the dozens available, and setting up your space to make prints can be overwhelming. In this immersive three weeks, you’ll make colorful prints every week that have a compelling design, showcase expert carving, and pinpoint multi-block registration, all while learning from other artists taking the course.


  • Learn the process by reverse-engineering a complete artwork or sketch.
  • Live Demos and critiques you can rewatch.
  • Our private community forum is where you, other participants, and I talk about the process and post photos.
  • We celebrate each other’s success, and I’ll pop in daily to offer guidance.

As an Arts Council member, you will receive a special discount for this virtual printmaking course, “Make Linocuts Anywhere,” starting on June 13th and going to July 2nd! 

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