Holiday Candle Contest

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Holiday Candle Contest


Kalamazoo Candle Company is looking to launch a limited edition Holiday candle for the 2021 season. When discussing potential designs, we thought, what is more “Kalamazoo” than getting the local community involved? We want YOU to be the designers of the limited edition vessel. Here you will find the specs needed for the design, submission dates, and grand prize information. There will also be an NDA that will be required to be signed by the winner.

Winner gets:

  • $450
  • A matte black accessory bundle
  • 6 FREE candles with their design
  • PLUS you will be featured, tagged and promoted through paid ads, social media, email and website content to our local and wholesale customers.


  • Theme: “A picturesque Holiday scene.”
  • Limitations: Do not exceed two colors total. Include either a two color design or one solid color background and one color for the design itself. Note: our candle wax is white. The design will be on white if you don’t use a background color.
  • Specs: Please adhere to the following guidelines for the dust cover and candle vessel. Note: the dust cover variance of the inside (top) diameter is 3.07″ to 3.1″.

Submission Date – June 20, 2021 11:59 pm

Contest Submission Form Here!