All Ears Theatre - Open Auditions Feb. 24 & 25, 2020

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All Ears Theatre - Open Auditions Feb. 24 & 25, 2020


Interested in being a Radio Actor? Then this may be your calling!

No previous experience required

Come prepared to read from a script


The Adventures of Pinocchio: Two Part Show: A poor, old woodcarver with dreams of becoming a puppeteer is given a magical block of pinewood that can talk. But as soon as Geppetto carves the little legs into his mischievous puppet, it kicks him and runs away! Pinocchio soon discovers a world of talking crickets, fairies with turquoise hair and lazy boys who turn into donkeys. He’s finally returned to Geppetto, as the pair face danger in the belly of the great Dogfish. Can they escape? Can Pinocchio’s dreams of being a real boy come true at last? Our two-part episode is adapted from the treasured children’s classic, translated from Carlo Collodi’s original Italian text.

Sometime in June: Farming can be a 24 hour a day job, leaving little time for recreation. No one knows that better than Tad Davis, who has everything a farmer would need on his productive 600 acres…except a wife. A bit shy, Tad bolsters up the courage to ask a local girl for a date. Can she compete with Tad’s love of his land?

The Incognito Detective Service: At the Incognito Detective Service, everyone is a suspect, and things are not quite the way they seem. When a wealthy financier disappears questions are asked, but the answers that come back are just more questions.

Feb. 24/25 7:00 – 9:00 pm