Randon Myles

Randon Myles


Randon Myles is a composer, multi-instrumentalist and electronic musician. His music blends lush, surreal landscapes and classical harmonies with subtle rhythmic undercurrents. His eclectic style draws upon a variety of influences including classical, jazz, progressive art rock, and electronic music. His music has been used in many multimedia environments including several commissions for dance, independent film and the stage.

He received his master’s degree in Music Composition from Western

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  • walking to nowhere - album cover


  • music video from the album Like Joy in Memory


  • Like Joy in Memory is an odyssey in classic analog synthesis and ambient soundscapes.

  • Passages is a thematic and musical journey through transitions, both in space and in time. day and night, wind and water, life and death - we all sing this same song.

  • Traveling the Sun – neo-classical experimental progressive art rock

  • 50% electronic, 50% rock, 50% symphonic – The End of Theory is the soundtrack for an online simulation for education by Steve Chisnell.

  • Originally composed as the soundtrack for Chuck Bentley’s film Telling Stories, Beyond is a post-deconstructionist journey through the world of the avant-garde, and beyond…

  • The Seven Chakras – ambient sound painting